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AC Drives

An AC Drive is an electronic device that converts a fixed frequency and voltage to an adjustable frequency and AC voltage source. It controls the speed, torque, horsepower and direction of an AC motor. AC Drive is also a term used for an AC inverter and is sometimes used to describe a particular section of an AC drive. The section uses the DC voltage from a previous circuit stage (DC Bus) to produce an AC current or voltage having the desired frequency.
AC Drives are also referred to as Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) or Adjustable Speed Drives (ASD’s). These drives are gaining in popularity due to the energy savings that can be obtained related to the AC technology. In addition, AC motors are simpler than DC and usually an “off-the-shelf” item compared to DC motors. Advances in technology have made the size, cost, reliability and performance of AC drives very appealing in industrial variable speed applications.

DC Drive

Despite the popularity of AC drives, DC drives have favorable characteristics that prove to be appropriate for many applications. The characteristics of a DC Drive include: speed changes that are made by increasing or decreasing the amount of DC voltage fed to the motor from the drive, low cost for medium and high HP applications, wide speed range and good speed regulation. DC drives can also be very compact in size.



Servo Drive

A servo drive is a device used for motor control that outputs electrical signals to a servo motor in order to provoke motion of that motor. The servo drive can be either built in to the motor or kept as a separate device.
The servo drive works in similar fashion to AC and DC drives, although, it is more technologically advanced. They obtain a signal from a control system, amplify the signal, and transmit electric current to a servo motor in order to produce a proportional amount of motion as called for by the original command signal. Usually, the command signal indicates a desired speed, but can also represent a specific position or amount of torque. A sensor attached to the servo motor reports the motor’s status back to the servo drive. The servo drive then compares the motor status with the original commanded motor status. From there, the servo drive then alters the voltage frequency to the motor to correct for any differences from the original commanded status.

Drive Applications

Every industry has unique characteristics and demands, which require the use of drive systems for a variety of different applications. Drive system vendors have responded to this large demand by producing a variety of different drives and drive systems. The combination of the many types of drives available and the abundance of applications has made the selection of the optimum drive an intricate process.

Soft Starters

Starting and stopping a pump or fan often involves mechanical stress. Softstarters from CG ensure smooth operation, and in addition offer advanced braking techniques for crushers and saws. Built-in monitor functionality protects your investment.
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